Peace Silk Flat Bow - Large
Peace Silk Flat Bow - Large
Peace Silk hair bow, French Barrette, Cream color
Peace Silk Flat Bow - Large
Peace Silk hair bow, French Barrette, black
Peace Silk Flat Bow - Large

Peace Silk Flat Bow - Large

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Cute hair bow made from organic Peace Silk/Ahimsa silk. The silk is handwoven raw silk, which has a slightly coarse texture and a discreet luster that will add an elegant touch to any outfit.

The large flat bow holds a full ponytail of medium thickness hair.

The women from CWSG make the silk bows, which come in a beautiful embroidered pouch made from handwoven cotton from Weavers Project in Cambodia.

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I purchase the metal French barrettes from Delsol, which is a company in France. You probably have not heard about them, but they were actually the ones that invented the French barrette back in 1920. They are the only company that produces this kind of hair slides in Europe, and their French barrettes are of a very good quality.

How to take care of your hair bow?

Keep the bow in the protective pouch when you are not wearing it. Do not wear the hair bow in humid conditions or in rainy weather. If the bow gets wet, it will lose its shape and become soggy.

The bow can be dry-cleaned


Dimensions: Length, large flat bow: 12cm, French barrette: 9.5cm 


Bow: 100% Peace Silk, Metal French barrette: Nickel free stainless steel

Pouch: Outer fabric: 100% handwoven cotton, Lining: 100% polyester


What is Peace Silk/Ahimsa Silk?

Silk is such a beautiful and versatile material, and I knew from the beginning, that I wanted to sell silk products in my shop, but when I was looking for suppliers, I was shocked to find out how silk is typically made. Did you know that the traditional way to produce silk is to boil the cocoons with the silkworms inside? Many hundreds of silkworms are boiled alive, just to make one scarf! That seemed so unnecessary, so I started looking for alternative ways of making silk, and I found out about Peace Silk/Ahimsa silk.

Peace Silk is made without harming the silkworms, which are allowed to hatch and become butterflies. It takes longer time and it is more expensive to make, but no butterflies die in the process which is why Peace Silk is also called non-violent silk.

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Peace silk, raw silk

 Peace silk

CWSG in Phnom Penh

 CWSG in Phnom Penh